Community Area Plan, 2012 - 2026

The Community Plan has been prepared with the help of over eighty volunteers working across seven themed groups. Some of these are professionals who have generously given of their spare time to assist us, many representing other organisations within the area; others are retired people whose experience has proved invaluable; and last, but by no means least, are those concerned citizens who have brought a strong dose of common sense into the discussions. The plan has then been shaped to a large extent by the almost three thousand responses we received to our area-wide survey and finally by around eighty stakeholders at a specially convened Community Planning event.

Business and Economy Community Safety Transport
Environment Housing Counytryside
Children and Young People Culture and Leisure  

What is its aim? Covering the period up to 2026, it focuses on two over-arching aspects; the strengthening of our communities, engendering a sense of belonging and preserving a high-quality of life for those living here. Whilst it is essentially local in character, it does not ignore the big issue of our generation, global warming, with all the consequences that will have if we do not play our part. It also takes into account the tough economic climate which is likely to prevail for most, if not all, of the plan period and is particularly concerned to safeguard existing jobs and to create new ones.

Our hope and intention is that this plan will form a “road map”, guiding the way the area will develop over this period. But it is more than that, it now forms the basis for action plans that our teams are already working on to ensure that the vision becomes a reality. We recognise that the days when governments threw money at problems have gone. If we, the community, want to ensure our quality of life, we have to do something about it ourselves. This is a Community Plan, it does not require large sums of money from Government; it is not “pie in the sky”, it sets out the direction and vision against which important decisions should be taken; it is eminently achievable.

The Community owns this plan and the Community, working together, is well able to fulfil its aims. I commend it to you.

Tony Sedgwick

Download a PDF copy of the plan