The need to change our lifestyle is obvious – the threat of Global Warming – the finite nature of our fossil fuels - the destruction of the great rain forests and the damage being done by pollution.

The question which this Group seeks to provide an answer to is “What can we do here in Wiltshire that will help?”

Sustainable Devizes Network forms our Environment Group and its programme is twofold; firstly to inform and secondly to encourage action.  So, we have six broad areas for our activity:

  • Consumption and waste
  • Transport
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Food
  • Water use and conservation
  • The natural world

It is now a common place that we face an environmental crisis of alarming proportions. For all its beauty Wiltshire residents affect climate change more than the national average.   For instance, carbon emissions per person are 16% above average according to Wiltshire’s State of the Environment 2013 report.  This report also states that only 27% of river length in Wiltshire has ‘good’ ecological status.

Working together we can reduce our collective impact but with Wiltshire’s population set to grow by 28% we need to act swiftly.  We subscribe to the adage: think globally, act locally. More about who we are and what we do here

If we all do something, we will make a difference! All Welcome - see you there!

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