Health and Well-being


Our plan seeks to address local health and social care issues within the Devizes Community Area by linking to Local Area Agreements and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment in order to identify and deliver projects to further improve the health and wellbeing of the community.
Devizes has a wide range of health services. Increasing demand on those services cannot always be met by statutory providers, hence the development of an Independent Sector Treatment Centre at Marshall Road, Devizes, providing elective day surgery for residents of Wiltshire.  Our population is also expanding and the demographics trend is toward an older population. For both these reasons the area will require additional resources over the period covered by this plan.

See the presentation slides from our 'Era of an Older Area' event held on 24 April 2013 here. You can also see the Wiltshire Link Scheme video mentioned in the slides here .

Retention of Local Health Services

We are committed to working for the retention, enhancement and expansion of existing community health services to meet the increased demand of a growing and ageing population, through early engagement with the new Clinical Commissioning Groups, and by the continued  provision in the Community Area of:

  • Additional GP facilities to meet the demand of our expanding population. Also with  consideration in the future of co-locating those facilities on one easy access site
  • A strong neighbourhood Team base i.e. multi-disciplinary community healthcare teams delivering care to patients in their own homes.
  • An adequate Health Visitor Service
  • Access to an adequate emergency dental treatment service
  • Podiatry
  • Paediatric clinic
  • Mental health services
  • School Nursing Services
  • Community Midwives (antenatal and postnatal)
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Family Planning
  • X-ray service
  • Physiotherapy
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Dermatology
  • Rheumatology
  • Geriatrics
  • Continence service
  • Orthopaedics

In our view it is essential that as many of these services as possible are delivered at local clinics with specialists from our major hospitals. This will serve a number of purposes: -

  • It will ease the very considerable burden of patients having to travel long-distances to a main hospital
  • It will reduce the cost of attending a clinic
  • It will assist us in meeting our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating a large number of journeys which will otherwise have to take place.

Communicating Service Availability to the Public

The ‘signposting’ of services and clear communication with the public about the services available is essential and a variety of different media and locations should be used to achieve this. Such communications should include as a minimum: -

  • Out of Hours services
  • Treatment for chronic conditions.
  • NHS dentistry
  • Complementary therapies
  • Sexual health advice
  • Maternity support
  • Drug dependency support

Counselling Services

Counselling services should be provided locally, particularly for those of school age and their families, and for adults with on-going mental health needs.

We also wish to see continued funding to support the implementation of the Wiltshire ‘End of life strategy’ and ‘Carers’ strategy’ for people of all ages.  This is to include commitment by agencies and statutory bodies to respond to needs identified by the Rural Needs initiative, with provision of domiciliary and respite care to match increased demand.

Public Health Issues

We will work to reduce childhood obesity by providing a range of activities to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for all ages, and to publicise these effectively in order to engage children and parents in the issues and opportunities.  This includes support for a safe cycle network for both town and villages.

We will also support town and parish councils in providing leisure and exercise facilities in village halls and on open spaces.

We are concerned to protect the current and future health of people living in, working in, and visiting the Devizes Community Area by supporting and monitoring the work of Partner agencies to reduce the causes of air pollution in Devizes.