Housing and the Built Environment

Over the last 15 years Devizes has had more new homes per head of population than any other town in Wiltshire. This has brought about two major problems

  • The Infrastructure has not kept pace and is now under considerable strain
  • Developers have built houses they can make the most money out of, not, necessarily what the local population needs

These leaves serious issues with a high demand for affordable homes unlikely to be fulfilled, with many of those buying the larger houses commuting out of the town to work and a more than adequate supply of accommodation for the elderly at the expense of those seeking to get a foot on the property ladder.

In the villages we continue to see a demand from incomers, often pricing locals out of the market

We have developed a comprehensive strategy aimed at balancing supply and demand and ensuring that there are homes for people working locally, which in turn will encourage inward investment in new businesses.

We are also committed to conserving the historic environment and ensuring that new developments are appropriate.

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