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Market Lavington Neighbourhood Plan

We are still in the very early stages of developing our Plan. The formal application for 'Area Designation' has officially been consulted on by Wiltshire Council, and we are currently awaiting confirmation as to whether this has been approved.

Over the past couple of years the Parish Council tried to engage with the local community to gauge support for developing a Neighbourhood Plan, however it wasn't until Persimmon Homes held a public consultation event in the village in May last year, detailing their proposal for a potential housing development in the village that public awareness started to rise.

We therefore used this opportunity to hold our first major 'Community Engagement' event, following which, a formal Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group was formed. This group of dedicated volunteers has evolved over the last 4-5 months, with sub-groups working on specific topic areas, and a formal 'community engagement' programme' being developed. We will be having a major launch of our campaign next week, which we hope will help raise awareness about the Plan. This will then be shortly followed by a series of 'Pop-up Pop-in' drop in sessions to be held in the local pub, focusing on key topics of local interest to further engage with the local community.

We have been successful in obtaining a grant from Locality to help with some of the initial costs of the process. Unfortunately however, this grant cannot be used to pay for administration support, which is, and can be very time consuming. The Parish Council have therefore agreed to cover this cost out of it's own budget.

The Steering Group has also received bespoke training from Belinda Fowler, the 'Community Development Officer' at Community First on 'effective community engagement' and 'good practise in questionnaire design' which was very helpful.

Carol Hackett

Parish Clerk, Market Lavington

12 February 2015