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Our Devizes Heritage

The community is passionate about the rich heritage of our area. Devizes itself has nearly 500 listed buildings, one of the highest in England, whilst many of our villages are conservation areas. We wish to see historic buildings conserved as far as possible.

Countryside and Environment Strategy

The three guiding principles for countryside development.

Supporting the Rural Economy

Five ways to ensure the local economy thrives.

Improving our Environment

By and large the concerns of the community over our environment can best be addressed by the communities themselves.  Above all our community needs to be more aware of the cost of their activities to the environment and to take steps to reduce any adverse impacts. 

Recreation in the Countryside

There are many traditional countryside leisure activities and a number of new ones. The test as to whether an activity should be encouraged is that it should not damage the environment or the ecology, do no harm to agriculture, not cause a nuisance to other users and residents, and not damage access routes and footpaths.

Preserving the Quality of Life for the Rural Community

The quality of life in a rural community can be seriously degraded by poor communication both physical and electronic. We fully endorse the strategy of our colleagues in the transport group in regard to the former. 

Community Area Plan

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