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Devizes Means Business - latest video

DCAP's  Economic and Tourism Group has produced the second of three short videos about life and work in Devizes. The latest video features Jo Batchelor of Devizes Books. You can view the video on the Devizes Means Business web site:  http://devizesmeansbusiness.com

Kennet & Avon Canal

The Kennet & Avon Canal offers an opportunity to contribute to several of the issues that are concerning Devizes.  The 250 berth Caen Hill Marina at Foxhangers demonstrates that private capital has confidence in the canal’s future in the leisure mark

Preserving Existing Jobs in Retail & Service Sectors

The loss of jobs in the public sector will impinge on the retail and service sectors in the area.

Whilst our proposals for creating employment in the private sector will ensure business for the retail sector, this will take time and we should not rely on this alone. We are proposing a number of initiatives.

Economy Update

Everyone is struggling with the economy, or so it seems.  Governments don’t seem to be making much impact so what on earth can we do locally?


Devizes Parkway

Devizes remains comparatively isolated compared with its local competitors. The principal reason for this is lack of a rail connection. Yet a main line track runs just three miles away at Lydeway. 


Over the past decade or so schools have focused on getting the maximum number of children into university. Whatever the rights and wrongs of such a policy, things are now changing. 

Supporting the Rural Economy

Five ways to ensure the local economy thrives.

Creating New Jobs

In order for Devizes to thrive it is imperative that we encourage new businesses to the area and help the existing ones to thrive and expand. We have the basics of a strong infrastructure with the sort of businesses that can support and feed off one another. 

Countryside and Environment Strategy

The three guiding principles for countryside development.

Education in Devizes

Devizes schools have currently very tenuous links with the town. This is detrimental on several levels and has a considerable effect on the local economy. 

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