Housing and Built Environment

Protest Rally - proposed development at Coate Bridge

The proposal to build around 400 homes on green fields close to Coate Bridge has been revived by the developers, obviously encouraged by the Government's insistence that housing must have priority over every other consideration.

Sustainable Housing - Air Quality & Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a major problem in the town and this plan seeks to encourage the use of other forms of transportation where they are viable. This is unlikely to reduce the number of cars per household so as the number of homes rises so will the number of cars.

Housing, Targets & Land Allocation

By 2026 Devizes is required to have met its housing requirements forecast in the Wiltshire Local Plan 2006-2026.  Housing development has been piecemeal, with developers taking advantage of the Governments desire to build houses without consideration of the effects that the scale and rate of growth has had on the community.  

Housing Update

When the first draft of Wiltshire’s Core Strategy was published our Housing Group recognised that building another seven hundred plus homes in Devizes was simply too much.  

Employment Led Housing

Housing should be provided to attract entrepreneurs and the skilled work force that they require to meet the Economy opportunities identified in the Devizes Community Area Plan.

Sustainable Housing - Car Parking

Provision of car parking spaces on new developments over the last decade has been subject to Government policy to restrict them in the mistaken belief that such a policy would reduce car ownership and hence usage.

The traffic congestion now being experienced and the amount of street parking on recent housing developments are testament that this policy has failed

Affordable Housing

The Devizes Joint Strategic Assessment 2011 identified affordable housing as being one of the major housing issues facing the Town.

Infrastructure Assessment

In order to meet sustainability goals, all new housing should be close enough to transport links and shops to be realistically reachable on foot by the sectors of the community with the greatest housing needs.

Housing & Built Environment Strategy

Devizes is a popular place to live but has been subjected to over development.  There is a need to rebalance the infrastructure and the community to form a sound base for future growth.

Our Devizes Heritage

The community is passionate about the rich heritage of our area. Devizes itself has nearly 500 listed buildings, one of the highest in England, whilst many of our villages are conservation areas. We wish to see historic buildings conserved as far as possible.

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