Our Devizes Heritage

The community is passionate about the rich heritage of our area.   Devizes itself has nearly 500 listed buildings, one of the highest in England, whilst many of our villages are conservation areas. We wish to see historic buildings conserved as far as possible.  Where significant heritage buildings, such as Devizes Assize Courts are redundant, we wish to see every effort being made to save and restore the structure; we accept that the use has to change.

Monitoring of listed buildings and conservation areas is a significant role for the local authority.  Some of this burden could be taken by the community. We acknowledge the excellent and significant role played by the Trust for Devizes, but are also aware that conservation areas outside the town do not enjoy the same level of attention.  We would like to see the role of the community extended to cover the whole area and believe that this would be of significant benefit. 

This artcle is an extract from the Devizes Community Area Plan

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