Preserving Existing Jobs in Retail & Service Sectors

The loss of jobs in the public sector will impinge on the retail and service sectors in the area. 

Whilst our proposals for creating employment in the private sector will ensure business for the retail sector, this will take time and we should not rely on this alone. We are proposing a number of initiatives: -

  1.  E-retailing is perceived as a threat to high streets. Some are being successful in countering it by making shopping in their High Street a pleasant experience.  Retailers need to be mindful of the appearance of their environment, we would like to encourage more of a ‘café society’ in our retail centre making it far more attractive and welcoming all year round.   Devizes has a number of individual and independent shops; we need to promote this factor which makes Devizes a positive retail destination and one which they will want to return to. 
  2. With the demise of the DDP, a strong Chamber of Commerce is essential.  As mentioned in relation to employment we plan to work closely with the Chamber to recruit and work with a paid Director/CEO. 
  3.  With the closure and selling of Browfort (with the attendant loss of jobs), the property does lend itself to a business venue very much more than a residential home for the elderly.  It has the infrastructure, including parking required to become a really viable location for a large, white collar business or indeed business centre.  This will bring in both new jobs and workers within walking distance of the shops.

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