Protest Rally - proposed development at Coate Bridge

The proposal to build around 400 homes on green fields close to Coate Bridge has been revived by the developers, obviously encouraged by the Government's insistence that housing must have priority over every other consideration.

Consultation is taking place over the next couple of weeks in Devizes Library and the Trust for Devizes is organising a protect rally on the Green at 10:30 on Saturday 8th December.

I would encourage you to support this to demonstrate how opposed the people are to yet another major development in the town.   If it goes ahead it will increase traffic levels to the point where congestion is much worse than at present and that in turn will make our efforts to get air pollution down to the point which the World Health Organisation considers safe an impossible task.

In addition to the traffic issues, it will eat away at our fast disappearing green space - remember the remaining field between Quakers Walk and Police HQ is soon to be built on!  Then there is the issue of health services. Can we cope with the people who will occupy the 139 extra care homes already approved and another 800 to 1000 people who will occupy this site if the developer has his way.

We need to make it absolutely clear that the local community does not welcome this proposal - hence the rally. Please makeevery effort to come - 10.30 next Saturday 8th December on the Green.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Tony Sedgwick, Chairman, DCAP

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