Connect2 Wiltshire Pewsey-Devizes Bus Consultation and questionnaire – we want your views and to invite you to a meeting!


Wiltshire Council has worked with the Devizes and Pewsey Community Area Partnerships to develop an alternative option for Connect2 Wiltshire bus services between Devizes, Pewsey and beyond following concerns about Wiltshire Council’s service proposals consulted on last spring.   

We are keen to hear the views of local residents, passengers, potential passengers, parish councils and all other interested parties that could  benefit from these bus services. 

The savings need to be made and are unavoidable, but the service improvements, which include a combination of fixed and flexible routes,  as well as a rail link might provide some compensation.   

This is your chance to say what you think of the changes.  There is still time to adapt the services to meet real travel needs.

The proposal and questionnaire is available here.

Click here to download a copy of the questionnaire for emailing.

Click here for a pdf of the questionnaire.

Further information buses@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Drop in session: Tuesday 11th November from 2:30pm to 8:00pm at Bouverie Hall, Pewsey  Presentation and Public Meeting: Wednesday 12th November, 7:00pm at Corn Exchange, Devizes

Consultation closes on Wednesday, 10th December 2014. 

The Devizes area is a delightful place to live in, do business in and visit.  Yet the attractiveness of Devizes and its surrounding villages is threatened by the inadequacy of its transport provision and the heavy traffic along the town’s approach roads. 

In parts of Devizes levels of air pollution exceed legal limits. Not only is this a health hazard but it is also a symptom of a much deeper transport problem that is having wider impacts: the community has grown to be more car reliant than it need be.  This is leading to a generation of children that are unfit and overweight, producing more greenhouse gases from road transport than other areas with better public transport. Decades of dispersal of services and employment has exacerbated car use thereby excluding those without access to a private car.

Bus services are a poor option to driving to work or for getting around the town.  Facilities for cyclists are woefully inadequate and access to rail way stations does not offer a credible alternative unless you drive to station car parks that are already reaching or at capacity.  What to do?

The Transport Interest Group believes that without a transport network fit to meet today’s travel needs the viability and health of our Community Area is at risk. DCAP has produced a comprehensive strategy as part of the Community Area Plan. This has been devised to raise standards of provision and designed to:

  • Address the physical health and wellbeing of all age groups and sectors of the community
  • Reduce traffic volume to an environmentally and economically efficient level
  • Meet with a degree of public acceptance
  • Build on measures that have been shown to deliver results
  • Be seen as fair and appropriate to a market town and its rural villages 
  • Ensure that the local economy is not restrained through poor transport facilities and services.

The Transport Group brings expertise and users of all modes together.  They are committed to seeing a positive attitude to alternatives to non-essential car use.


Presentation slides to Devizes Area Board are available here.

Wiltshire Council’s plans for transport in Devizes has the potential to reduce traffic, improve transport provision and quality of life for everyone living, working and visiting in Devizes.  DCAP believes this is an exciting opportunity but it is vital that the solutions are seen as fair and that the community works closely with decision makers.   You can see display panels here , which summarise and explain the Strategy and its recommendations. There is also a handy Factsheet for reference.

You can Contact Us if you would like to discuss it or leave a message.



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